Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What We've Seen Inside Café Pushkin on Tverskoy Boulevard

    Café Pushkin was established way back 1999. It is a sosy place to go for coffee, for late zaftrak (Russian for breakfast), for tea and macarons, for selfies, for a quick taste of Paris with an old world vibe, for making memories, perfect for endless honeymooners like us. I looked forward to going here when I first heard about it many months ago from a kindred spirit, my dear friend, Chuck. So, the wait had been over and it's Rico's R and R and just in time to celebrate our year-long 17th wedding anniversary. I'll let my photos do the talking as we have our quiet tea together and enjoy the view inside the Baroque mansion.

Byzantine architecture. On our way to Café Pushkin, the awesome copper domes of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior caught our eyes. 

Croissant with sugar dusts...

A bag stand that puts your bag on a pedestal...

Our server garbed as a French maiden has been gracious enough to indulge a photo-op with moi


These sweet red onion domes are for your eating pleasure!

Quintissential window displays of macarons and fleurs that are truly French in style...

I can live here...

The wooden door to the ladies' tyalet (Russian for toilet).

The tyalet is cleaner in real life than it looked on my photos; the lighting did not do justice to the cleanliness of this sacred place...

It's a long walk to the tyalets but it's worth it.

                         At the façade of the Baroque mansion where Café Pushkin is located.

Now for some walk on the chilly streets of Moscow going to the Old Arbat. It's 1pm here and we've enjoyed our walk under the sun. HHWW❤️ (holding hands while walking)

The exterior of a cinema/theater in bricks!

Presnenskiy Park 

When we arrived here, the local Russian artists are celebrating a month-long free public performances of A Capella singing. Sample a live performance by a group of young Barbie Dolls on the video below.

We're headed towards the end of Tverskoy Boulevard on Malaya Nikitskaya Ulitsa leading to the Old Arbat street. A leisurely 3-kilometer HHWW❤️ on a sunny and windy afternoon. Can't wait to show more photos of our Old Artbat re-visit and what we've seen there so far 😉 Tomorrow?

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